This information is for all 2014 parade entries. (for reference only)

The time and date of the parade is Tuesday, March 4, beginning at 9 pm and finishing at about midnight. The parade starts at the northern end of the new Malecón at Avenida México and Jesús Langarica (across from Parque Hidalgo). It ends at Olas Altas and R. Gomez.

  • Line up for entries begins at 7:30 pm on the western side of Ave Mexico from Leys north. There will still be some traffic on Ave Mexico.
  • We will have volunteers directing the lineup and traffic before the parade.
  • Line up will be first-come first-served. If you want to be at the beginning of the parade, come as soon after 7:30 pm as you can. but please do not come before then as there will be no parking available.
  • You may do minor work on entries in the lineup but you must be completely ready to roll at 9 pm.
  • We will try to space entries with music so that they do not compete with each other.
  • At the finish of the parade you will be offered 2 roads to exit.
  • We will have volunteers and Transito directing traffic along the parade route. Volunteers will be wearing special T-shirts and will have laminates. Transito officers will have guns (jaja).

We have a few rules for this parade. These are especially important on the beginning Malecon section of the parade. Basically, the Malecon will have a more general audience than the Zona Romantica. Keep some of your clothes on for the kiddies… (again, jaja) Those experienced with the strip tease business should have no problems.

If you have questions about any of these rules, feel free to contact us directly at carnavalvallarta (at) gmail.com.

The Basic Rules:

  1. On the Malecon, the entries should reflect “family values” and not be more graphic than in previous years.
  2. No extreme nudity.
  3. No alcohol consumption on the floats
  4. No distribution of commercial flyers by participants on the Malecon (OK after we leave the Malecon).
  5. No commercial banner displays larger than 1 x 1.5 meters.

We Encourage:

  • Extremely colorful and active floats.
  • Live musical, dance and acrobatic performances.
  • Throwing candy to children along the parade route.
  • Throwing beads to people along the parade route (a Mardi Gras tradition).
  • Activities promoting audience participation.